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Dr. Koriwchak offers the finest ear, nose and throat care
Adult and Pediatric ENT

We provide excellent care for patients of all ages and for all types of ear, nose and throat problems.

Dr. Koriwchak offers hearing aids
Hearing Aids

Through our affiliate, Advanced Hearing, we provide the finest hearing aids at competitive prices.

Immunotherapy for Allergies

Skin testing for allergies can screen for sensitivities including plant, animal, food and others.  We custom mix your allergy shots according to your sensitivities.

Dr. Koriwchak offers nasal and sinus care
Nasal / Sinus / Allergy

We provide all types of treatment including medicines, allergy shots, office procedures and, only if necessary, surgery.

Dr. Koriwchak gives the best care for voice disoders
Voice Disorders

This includes hoarseness from any cause as well as care of the Professional Voice

Dr. Koriwchak treats sleep apnea
Sleep Disorders / Apnea

As a sleep apnea patient himself, Dr. Koriwchak is passionate about diagnosing and treating this disease.

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