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Voice Disorders - Care of the Professional Voice

Dr. Koriwchak treats voice disorders and is a singer himself
Dr. Koriwchak is the best voice doctor in Atlanta
Dr. Koriwchak is the best voice doctor in Atlanta

Understanding Vocalists

Doctors and singers couldn't be more different.  Singers are artistic but doctors do mostly hard science.  So it's not surprising that singers often feel uncomfortable going to the doctor with their voice problems.  And doctors often have trouble fully understanding the needs of singers and other professional vocalists.

That's where Dr. Koriwchak bridges the gap.  He completed fellowship training in Voice Disorders and Care of the Professional Voice in the heart of country music - Vanderbilt University in Nashville.  He has also been performing for decades and has spent many hours on the stage, on the set and in the studio.  Many of his patients are well known performers.  Singer, actor, teacher, broadcaster, or any other kind of vocalist...Dr. K has both the medical and musical background to fully understand your vocal situation and give the best treatment available.

Formula for Success

Voice problems are often too complex for a single expert to fully treat.  The best vocal care team includes the fellowship trained voice physician, speech pathologist and the singing coach.  The referring vocal instructor becomes a vital part of the care team.  We also include access to a vocal performance studio and instrumental instruction.

I am privileged to work with each of these wonderful people:

Tonya Duke is a speech pathologist at Northside Hospital that I have been working with for over 10 years.  She understands not only general speech pathology and swallowing disorders but is an expert in the speaking component of voice disorders.

For patients who do not already have a voice instructor, Courtenay Collins is a singing coach and well known performer in Atlanta.  Courtenay just returned from Broadway after a 1 year run in The Prom.  She trained at Juilliard in New York City and has toured the US, Europe, and Canada as Christine in Phantom of the Opera.  In Atlanta she is most recently known for Courtenay Collins Cabaret: Home for the Holidays

Eric Stallings owns the Groove Studio in Atlanta.  For singers who also need guitar instruction and/or studio access he completes the picture.

Dr Koriwchak works with Courtenay Collins

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