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Over my 22 years in practice I have performed over 2500 challenging head and neck surgical procedures.

New Help for Ear Problems!
Hoarseness /  Professional Voice

The best voice doctors have been on stage themselves.

Having Ear Problems?

Balloon technology offers new hope for folks with middle ear problems!

Allergy and Sinus

Nasal and sinus problems can only be treated well when you have all the right tools.

Sleep Disorders

Treatment of my own sleep apnea changed my life!

Hearing Aids

The most important part of your hearing aid is NOT the device...its the audiologist who fits and tunes your hearing aid!

Dr K supports Patients in Washington DC

Dr. K is a frequent invited visitor to the White House to advise on Health Policy

"Thank you very much for your excellence in your field...every step of the way your office made me feel safe...polite and professional.  I can't say enough about how it feels to have a working nose."   Patient PS, 12/2/2020

Head and Neck Surgery

In 25 years in practice I have performed over 2500 head and neck operations.

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